How Smart Phones Help Struggling Couples Find And Receive Relationship Counseling

Approximately two-thirds of all Americans own smart phones, and the majority of these smart phone owners use their devices for more than just phone calls. People are integrating their phones into more and more areas of their lives; as a result, it should come as no surprise that people are integrating their smart phones into their relationships, as well. Smart phones have made it easier for an on-the-rocks couple to find the right counselor and even receive therapy.

Finding a Therapist

Choosing a counselor is a very personal and important step toward mending a failing relationship. Smart phones make it easy for struggling couples to research and get in touch with relationship counselors for a variety of reasons:

  • Smart phone apps: Certain apps exist that help couples research potential therapists. These apps help couples locate therapists by location, read patient reviews of therapists, and even book appointments.
  • Social media: The most effective counseling sessions occur when a couple feels comfortable discussing intimate issues with the therapist. Social media sites help couples determine if a therapist is a good "fit" for that couple's needs because these sites show a more personal insight into a therapist's counseling style and personality, which are both important aspects in successful, trusting, and effective counseling interactions.

Smart Phone Therapy 

Relationship counseling averages about $100 per hour, and it is not always covered under insurance plans. As a result, couples that are experiencing relationship problems are often unable to pursue counseling because of the price tag. When a relationship is at risk of dissolution, objective professional help is sometimes the only solution. In response to this need, smart phone apps are stepping in to help struggling couples that need counseling at a more affordable rate. 

Smart phones give couples the opportunity to seek professional relationship help through web chat, texting, and email services designed to connect the couples with professional therapists. These services are usually available at low monthly fees or, in some circumstances, at no cost. Unlike live counseling services, these smart phone therapies are also usually accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Smart phone relationship counseling services are not always a cure-all; for many couples, the need for in-person counseling sessions is still strong even after pursuing a smart phone therapy regimen. Yet, these services are worth checking out if finances are a non-negotiable barrier between a troubled couple and licensed therapeutic help. For more information about relationship counseling, contact a therapist such as Sharon O'Connell, MA.