5 Great Tips For Caring For A Senior With Mobility Problems

Whether it is due to a stroke or osteoporosis, mobility issues are pretty common in senior citizens. Having limited mobility can make life a lot tougher for an elderly person and even lead to depression. If your elderly loved one has issues with mobility, you can help him. Here are five great tips for caring for a senior with mobility problems.

Install Mobility Devices in the Home

If you really want to improve your elderly loved one's quality of life, you should install mobility devices in his home. These devices will help him get around the house and not rely on other people. For example, a chair lift can help a senior get up and down the stairs without any injuries. It is also a good idea to install bathroom modifications such as grab bars and shower seats.

Encourage Exercise

Exercise might seem like the last thing a person with limited mobility would want to do, but it can improve strength and flexibility. For example, swimming is a low-impact exercise that can increase strength and reduce pain. Other great exercises for seniors with limited mobility include yoga and Pilates.

Hire a Home Care Worker

Another way you can make life easier for a senior with limited mobility is to hire a home care worker. An experienced home care worker (such as one from ComForcare Home Care - Valparaiso) can come to his house every day and help him with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Suggest a Support Group

Dealing with limited mobility can be frustrating for a lot of seniors. That is why you should encourage your elderly loved one to join a support group where he can be around others with similar issues. He can talk to other seniors with limited mobility and feel less alone in the world.

Invest in a Medical Alert System

If you invest in a medical alert system, your elderly loved one will feel safer in his house. If he falls down and can't get up, he can just press a button and help will arrive to his home right away. The medical alarm system can be attached to his arm and will help you sleep much more soundly at night.

Dealing with an elderly loved one with mobility issues is not always easy, but it does not have to be impossible. If you follow these helpful tips, you can help your elderly loved one feel happier and more confident.