How Does Medicolegal Reporting Benefit Those Filing for Disability?

Winning a disability case is often a long and stressful process. If you do not have all the needed information proving you are permanently disabled, it may lead to years of struggling to win your case. This is why filing for disability often requires the help of both an attorney and your physicians and specialists who have treated you. With the help of medicolegal reporting, you can more easily prove to the Social Security Disability Administration that you are indeed unable to work. These are ways that medicolegal reporting can help those who are filing for disability.

Records of Physician Care

Medicolegal reports include a complete record of every time you have seen a physician or specialist for the condition that has made you disabled. This includes outpatient visits, emergency room care, and hospitalizations. If you have concurrent visits for the same health issue, you are more likely to persuade the medical disability reviewers that your health problem prevents you from working.

Records of Medications 

Some conditions may require several trial-and-error attempts to find a medication that will lessen your symptoms. Since medications work differently on different people, it is very important to have on record how well these medications worked for you. 

While medications may treat the symptoms and make them more tolerable, they may not enable you to hold down a job. The medicolegal reports will explain clearly how your condition has changed since starting on the medications to treat it.

Records of Complex Medical Procedures 

Medicolegal reports will also include any medical procedures you have had done due to the condition that disables you. This includes surgeries, chemotherapy or ongoing physical therapy to slow down the progress of your condition. If you are going to need these types of treatments for extended periods of time, this may also make it easier to prove you are disabled.

Comparison Health Records 

Medicolegal reports may also have your complete health history from several years before you became disabled until your most recent records. This allows the medical reviewers to see how much your mobility, pain levels, and quality of life has changed over the years. 

By comparing your health in the past to your health now, the reviewers may better understand how detrimental to your health it would be to attempt to continue working.

Medicolegal reports show records that have been written by licensed physicians, specialists, surgeons, and any medical professional that has been involved in your care. If you have records of several medical professionals, ones like Matthew Steiner MD, in agreement about your disabling condition, this may help increase your chances of being granted your disability benefits.