3 Signs That Your Elderly Parent Might Need Rehabilitative Care

If you have an elderly parent, you probably do everything that you can to take good care of him or her. In some cases, however, you might not know about the care that your loved one needs.

For example, in some situations, your parent might be better off in a rehabilitative facility than at home. These facilities focus on providing safe environments while fully monitoring their patients, providing them with physical therapy and otherwise helping them to get as healthy and strong as possible. These are a few signs that your parent might need this type of care.

1. Your Parent Has Suffered from a Stroke or Heart Attack

Strokes and heart attacks aren't just life threatening, but they can also leave lasting effects. If your loved one has recently suffered from one of these major medical issues, there's a good chance that rehabilitative care can be a good idea.

This care can be a smart decision for a few reasons. First of all, your parent will need to be closely monitored and medicated in the days and weeks afterward, and this can be more easily achieved in a rehabilitative facility. Plus, there is a good chance that your mom or dad will need physical therapy and other care to be able to walk, talk and otherwise take care of himself or herself. Luckily, all of this care can be provided in one of these facilities, so you can help your parent get better while taking some of the pressure and stress off of yourself.

2. You're Worried About Your Parent's Safety

As your loved one is getting older, you might be worried that he or she cannot be in the home safely alone. For example, you could be worried about slips and falls, or you could be afraid that your mom or dad isn't taking his or her medication correctly. In these instances, rehabilitative care can be a smart decision. Then, experienced medical professionals can monitor him or her, can help with physical therapy and occupational therapy and can otherwise help your parent prepare to be safe and independent. These healthcare professionals can also help you make the decision as to whether or not your loved one needs to go to a nursing home or if he or she needs full-time in-home care.

3. Your Parent Will Be Going to a Nursing Home

In some cases, it's a good idea for an elderly person to spend some time in a rehabilitative care facility before going into assisted living or a nursing home. This can serve as a trial period to determine if he or she needs full-time care, and if so, what type. This can also help your parent get some individualized attention so that he or she can tackle certain health issues before moving into a facility.

As you can see, there are a lot of situations in which an elderly person can benefit from going into rehabilitative care. These are a few signs that you should get in contact with one of these facilities (such as Dominion Physical Therapy) to find out more about the care that your mother or father could receive.