Walk-In Bathtubs For Optimal Safety And Comfort

If you are someone who struggles with chronic pain, decreased mobility or balance issues and are finding it increasingly difficult to get in and out of the bathtub in a safe fashion, you may be a good candidate for a walk-in tub. These custom-designed mobility devices from companies like Twin City Stair Lifts feature secure doors and low basins that provide extra support and help to prevent slipping, as well as additional therapeutic features that help to ease pain and discomfort. 

Walk-in Tub Safety and Therapeutic Features

While specific features can vary, all walk-in tubs are designed with right or left hand doors that open inward and low step-in basins that allow for safe entering and exiting. The tubs also feature comfortable raised seats that allow bathers to sit comfortably as opposed to laying down. Depending on the specific model, additional safety and therapeutic features include sturdy grab bars, anti-slip floor and seat pads, massaging water jets, hand-held shower wands and bidets for optimal hygiene. Many models also include heated seats for extra warmth when the tubs are draining or filling up. 

Fast Drains 

Since walk-in tubs are designed with doors that open and close, bathers must allow the water to drain before exiting the tub. To minimize wait times, many models are designed with fast-moving drain systems that allow the water to flow out at a quicker pace. The tubs can also be customized with wider drains for faster drainage. 

Leak-Proof Seals 

One of the most common concerns among consumers who are considering purchasing a walk-in tub is the potential for leaks due to the positioning of the door. All walk-in tub doors are designed with rubber liners that adhere to the tub material upon closing, creating a water-tight seal to prevent leakages. The rubber liners can also be easily replaced as the tubs age to prevent leaks that may occur with natural wear and tear. 

Easy Installation

Walk-in tubs are easy to install and custom-designed to fit your current tub space, so you don't have to worry about modifying your bathroom prior to installation. While services can vary depending on the tub manufacturer, most companies include professional installation as part of the package. The tubs can also be installed in a DIY fashion or by a plumbing professional. 

A Relaxing and Safe Bathing Experience

Individuals with mobility limitations risk injury every time they step into or out of a bathtub, as standard tubs are not equipped with safety features to prevent falls or excess strain on the body. Incorporating a walk-in tub into your bathroom will help to ensure that your bathing time is relaxing, comfortable and most importantly, safe.