What To Expect From Your OB-GYN During And After Your Labor And Delivery

When the big day comes to deliver your baby, it is an exciting one. You have prepared for this day for the last 10 months, and you likely couldn't be more ready to meet your sweet baby. While every labor and delivery experience is different, there are certain things that you can expect from your OB-GYN. They will be there for you when you need them, and will help you to bring your sweet baby into the world. This article will discuss what you can expect from your OB-GYN during your labor, during your delivery, and then after your delivery. 

During Labor 

While you are laboring in the hospital, you will receive most of your care from your nurses. They will be the ones hooking you up to all of the different monitors, getting the anesthesiologist if you decide that you would like an epidural, checking you every now and then to see your progression, and meeting all of your basic needs. Your OB-GYN will likely come into talk with you about how you are feeling, and they will also check you to see how far you have dilated. Your OB-GYN will also be responsible for breaking your water if it hasn't already broken on its own. This is often done to help your labor progress, and to help you get fully dilated so you can deliver your baby. They may also make the call to put you on pitocin, if you are progressing incredibly slowly, or if you aren't progressing at all. 

During The Delivery

When you are fully dilated, your OB-GYN will be contacted, and they will hurry to your room for the delivery. During this time they will be the ones completely in charge, with the aid of the nurses. They will help you by telling you when you need to push, and if you need to push harder. They may use tools or aids during your delivery to help get your baby out safely, such as forceps, a delivery vacuum, scissors for an episiotomy, or lubricant to help the baby slide out easier. All of these tools are incredibly helpful, but will only be used if necessary. Once your baby is safely out, they will help your significant other to cut the umbilical cord, and then, if everything is okay with the baby, you will likely be able to have some skin-to-skin time with your new little one. Then, the baby will be handed to the nurses to have their stats gathered and to be further taken care of. 

After The Delivery 

Your OB-GYN will continue to care for you after you have delivered your baby by helping your first deliver your placenta. Then, they will begin the process of stitching you up. They will take care of any internal tearing that took place, as well as any and all external tearing. They will stitch you up using dissolvable stitches that will simply be absorbed by your body, or stitches that will fall out on their own. They, or another OB-GYN on duty in the hospital, will also check on you a couple of times during your hospital stay, to make sure that you are recovering properly. 

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