3 Signs That Show Your Loved One Is Ready For Assisted Living

If you have an elderly parent or other loved one, you may be thinking about what your options are for the up-coming future to ensure that they are adequately cared for. As your loved one's health declines, there can only be so much that you can do for them, especially if you have a family of your own to take care of and a job. At some point, it may be time to consider certain options for their living situation, such as assisted living. Assisted living is when your elderly loved one will move into a care facility and be looked over by a nurse or other health care professional. Here are three signs that can show your loved one is ready for this:

Home Safety is Compromised: 

If your loved one is living on their own, but needs care pretty much 24/7 because they are falling or they wander off on their own when they shouldn't, then assisted living is a great option to ensure that your loved one's safety is not compromised. The staff at an assisted living facility will ensure that your loved one is not wandering off and if or when they should fall, someone will be there straight away to pick them back up. 

You Are Unable to Provide the Care Needed: 

If your loved one needs certain physical help that you are not capable of providing, it's best to leave it to the professionals. For example, if your loved one needs help getting up and down out of chairs or out of bed, but you are not physically able to do so, you don't want to take the chance of harming your loved one by doing it yourself. If you are unable to shower and bathe your loved one as needed, then it's also time to consider assisted living. Keeping hygiene levels high, your loved one will be able to live a comfortable lifestyle and stay as healthy as possible. 

Showing Signs of Aggression: 

Often times, as your loved one ages, they may begin to show signs of aggression, which comes with dementia or with the fact that they are frustrated they can no longer do certain things on their own. This can be quite frustrating and stressful for family members and difficult to deal with. A professional at an assisted living facility will know how to control the aggressive behavior, which can take a great deal of stress and resentment off the family.

By knowing some of the signs that indicate assisted living is probably necessary, you will know when you need to take the proper steps to finding a new living situation for your loved one.