Three Ways To Ease Sinus Infection Symptoms While Awaiting Your Doctor's Appointment

If you are suffering from symptoms of a sinus infection, such as pain behind the eyes, trouble hearing, and excessive yellow-green mucous, it is best to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Often, sinus infections are bacterial in nature and can be treated with antibiotics, so you can be back on your feet again sooner. While you're awaiting an appointment with a doctor, ideally an ENT, such as Cohen Angelique MD SC, there are a few things you can do to ease your symptoms and keep yourself comfortable.

Flush your nasal passages.

The thick mucous present during sinus infections can make it tough to breathe through your nose. You'll feel a whole lot better after you clear it out. Visit your local pharmacy, and purchase a neti pot and distilled water. Neti pots look a bit like a genie's lamp. Fill the neti pot with the distilled water. Then, lean your head over the sink with your head tilted to the side. Insert the opening of the neti pot into the upper nostril, and then tip the pot so water flows into your nostril. Water and mucous should drain out the other nostril.

Smell eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus oil will help open up your sinuses, which can relieve headaches and make it easier to hear again. Place a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on a cotton ball or cloth, and hold it a few inches from your nose. Inhale gently. If you have a vaporizer, you can also add the eucalyptus oil to the water in your vaporizer. The scent will diffuse through the room and help ease your sinus pressure.

Massage your sinuses.

A sinus massage, which you can administer to yourself, might be just what you need to help get the mucous moving out of your sinuses. Place your pointer fingers or middle fingers against your temples, and then rub in slow, circular motions. Close your eyes and relax while you are doing this. After you've massaged your temples for a few minutes, move your fingers to alongside your nose. Applying firm, but not forceful pressure, slowly pull your fingers down along the side of your nose. Repeat this stroke several times. Both of these massage techniques will be even more effective if you perform them while in the shower. The steam helps make the mucous runnier, so it is more easily loosened and expelled as a result of your massage.