Natural Products To Reduce Swelling And Pain Associated With A Sprained Ankle

If you sprained your ankle and a foot and ankle specialist has instructed you to stay off your feet as much as possible, reduce swelling and pain in and around the injured area by trying the following tips that use natural products. Once discomfort has been lessened, you will be able to remain comfortable while sleeping, reading, watching television, or participating in another activity from your bed or resting spot.

Turmeric And Water Paste

Turmeric is a perennial root that is part of the ginger family. It is often used to spice up food dishes. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Purchase a turmeric from a grocery sore. Rinse its exterior off with water. Thinly slice the root or grate it with a cheese grater. Afterwards, place all of the pieces and a small amount of water into a blender. Blend the ingredients until they are the consistency of paste.

Apply a small amount of the homemade paste to your ankle with glove-covered fingertips. Cover the paste with a bandage. After the turmeric and water mixture penetrates your skin's surface for a while, you may notice less swelling and discomfort.

Arnica Salve 

Purchase a container of arnica salve from a pharmacy or retail shop. This product is made from arnica plants, which bears flowers that look similar to daisies. It is often used medicinally and has been known to reduce swelling and pain. Cover the injured portion of your ankle with arnica salve. Massage the salve gently into the affected area. Wrap a piece of gauze around your ankle to prevent the salve from being rubbed off of your skin. Reapply more salve when pain is unbearable or if your ankle swells up.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera leaves contain gel that will soothe discomfort, promote healing, and reduce swelling. Cut a leaf from an aloe plant and rub the gel that is inside of it across a clean bandage or piece of gauze. Once the dressing is evenly covered, apply it to the ankle that is sprained. Secure the bandage or gauze with tape. If you do not have an aloe plant that you can use, purchase a bottle of aloe gel and apply it to your ankle in the same manner. Add more gel whenever you are having trouble relaxing or sleeping. 

You can safely use each of these methods whenever needed and won't experience any negative side-effects. Combine each of the tips with any advice that a foot and ankle specialist provides you with in order to receive the best results.