Make Your Stale Workout Time More Exciting By Taking One Of These Classes

When it comes to losing weight, you can often find success working out on your own. Whether you jog every day or follow an at-home DVD workout, you might enjoy the daily ritual of spending some "me time" getting in better physical shape. If you reach a point at which your workout feels stale, however, or you're struggling to get motivated to change into your exercise clothes, it can be advantageous to check out the classes being offered at the gyms in your community. If there's one that piques your curiosity, you can sign up and burn some calories—and hopefully feel more energized about working out again. Here are some classes to consider taking.


A spinning class offers a workout and an atmosphere unlike you've never experienced before. Typically led by a bubbly, high-energy instructor, this class gives its participants a structured spinning bike workout that can burn calories and build muscle. Often accompanied by up-tempo music, it's virtually impossible to get bored when you're taking a spinning class. An added advantage of checking out this type of class at your local gym is that you'll meet other workout-minded individuals, and you may be able to find a workout partner to get together with even occasionally.

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing is a type of workout that can literally kickstart your workout and help you overcome feeling uninspired about getting active. Like spinning, there will typically be a high-energy instructor leading the class, and you'll go through a routine of punches, kicks, jumps and other movements—all at a high tempo that will keep your heart rate elevated and ensure that you're burning calories rapidly. Sometimes, you'll even get to pair off with someone else in the class to throw some punches and kicks at pads that the other person is holding.


HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a type of workout that is never dull. In this form of workout, you visit a number of stations set up in the gym to perform different activities. Unlike a cardio workout, you won't spend long at each station—just a few minutes at a time, followed by quick rest periods, will lead to a significant calorie burn. HIIT classes can vary considerably; many use free weights, body-weight exercises and a combination of cardio machines to keep the intensity high. An added bonus to these workouts is that they're typically short, which will allow you to fit the workout into even a busy day.

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