Pregnant With Multiples? How Can You Manage Your Sinus Symptoms?

If you're currently pregnant with twins or triplets, certain discomforts may be magnified when compared to a single pregnancy -- from congestion and sinus swelling (or even bloody noses) to the development of varicose or spider veins or even hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, the list of medications that are considered unequivocally safe for consumption during pregnancy is a fairly short one, and you may feel as though you have no avenues of relief when dealing with a stuffy, itchy nose or other sinus problems. Is there anything you can do to minimize the impact of these symptoms on your daily life? Read on to learn more about managing your sinus symptoms while pregnant with multiples.

What causes sinuses to swell during pregnancy?

There are a number of biological factors that converge during pregnancy to produce sinus pressure, pain, and swelling -- generally termed rhinitis of pregnancy. The increased fluid retention, blood flow, and greater mucus production brought on by pregnancy hormones can all aggravate your sinus cavities and lead to rhinitis, and these hormonal changes are even more pronounced when you're carrying more than one child.

Fortunately, most of the sinus symptoms you'll experience during pregnancy will quickly resolve themselves once these hormones and extra fluid have worked their way out of your system after giving birth, and you'll likely notice relief within just a few weeks.

How can you treat pregnancy-related rhinitis and other sinus problems?

If your rhinitis symptoms are interfering with your daily life or impacting your comfort, there are a few non-prescription remedies that can provide some relief.

The first is a medicated cooling spray that can be misted directly into the nostril. This nasal spray can provide topical relief for itching or burning without the use of any prescription or over-the-counter medication that risks crossing the placental barrier, and it can be used up until you give birth or even during breastfeeding

Another viable option may be nasal irrigation through the use of a neti pot. This process flushes out your sinuses to remove stubborn mucus and stave off infection, and can be ideal for those who are prone to sinus infections even when not pregnant (as developing a sinus infection and having to take antibiotics while pregnant is best avoided). You can perform this irrigation process several times a day, whenever the need arises, to ensure that you can remain comfortable even when battling rhinitis of pregnancy.

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