3 Things That Will Be Taught To Your Child During Pediatric Asthma Treatment

If you have a child with asthma, they will be required to go in for pediatric asthma treatment as part of their care plan. This is going to give your child the best opportunity to not only understand what having asthma entails, but also to understand how they need to go about treating it. This article is going to discuss 3 things that will be taught to your child during pediatric asthma treatment. 

How To Properly Use Their Inhaler

When your child is an infant or toddler, they are going to have a nebulizer and a face mask that administers their asthma medication for them, while you assist. However, as they get older, they are going to be able to use a hand-held inhaler on their own. As part of their treatment, their doctor is going to show them exactly how to use their inhaler. This is going to help them get the most use out of the medicine inside of it, and will also reduce the risk of them using it improperly. They will also be told how to properly carry around and store the inhaler so that the medication inside of it is kept safe and usable for them. 

How And When To Use A Peak Flow Meter

A peak flower meter is an instrument that is used to measure lung capacity. This is an instrument that your child is going to need to learn how to use to properly monitor their lungs' capacity throughout the day. As part of your child's pediatric asthma treatment, they are going to be given instructions on how to use the peak flow meter and what time to use it each day. This will help your child to see when they may need to use their inhaler to administer medication. They will also be asked to record their results so that their doctor can examine their lung capacity and see how their treatment may need to be modified in order to best help them to handle their asthma. 

Breathing And Relaxation Techniques 

While medication is likely going to be the most important and helpful tool when it comes to treating and controlling your child's asthma, they may also learn some other techniques that can assist in treating their asthma. This may include things like breathing and relaxation techniques. Learning how to properly breath during an asthma attack, as well as learning how to relax during one, can help your child to avoid panic, and instead remain calm enough to administer the treatment that they need to open their airways.