Treatment Options to Help Your Spouse Battle Their Alcohol Addiction

If you have a spouse that is dealing with alcoholism, then you know how difficult the situation is. However, there are plenty of treatment options that you can investigate and use to help them with the addiction. Below is a list of the most popular methods used to treat alcohol abuse. The first grouping are drug related treatments. They use medications that will help the alcoholic stop drinking by either preventing the alcohol from working, or by making the physical side effects of drinking alcohol horrendous. The second grouping are therapy options that will help a person cope with the psychological problems that they are going to face.

Medications That Can Help


This blocks the receptors in the brain that are triggered when a person drinks alcohol. So, it essentially turns off the person's ability to get a "buzz." When a person takes this, they no longer can get the desired result from booze, so it makes drinking pointless to a person looking to get drunk.


This medication is given to help with the withdrawal symptoms that accompany long-term, habitual drinkers. Some symptoms that those people might face is intense anxiety and severe depression. This drug will not prevent the alcohol from working, so it needs to be used in combo with another drug.


This drug will make people who drink alcohol get sick. People who take this medication will get severely nausea. The way it works is by preventing the breakdown of the chemical acetaldehyde, which the body is normally able to convert when you drink.

Non-Drug Related Therapy Options

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is important for the drinker to discuss why they feel the need to drink. Otherwise, once they stop taking the pills, they can relapse. This form of therapy helps to discuss the underlying motivation for getting drunk. The therapist will also help the patient find out what are emotional triggers that can set off a relapse and discuss ways to combat these triggers.

FBT (Family Behavior Therapy)

It's especially important for alcoholics who are in relationships to have family behavior therapy with their spouse. The therapist can discuss concepts such as co-dependence and enabling.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

This form of therapy is used to help patients with their goals and the motivation needed to remain sober. Motivation is a very big issue when a person is recovering from alcohol, as minor setbacks can be overwhelming and lead to despair. This form of treatment has been found to be helpful in both planning out a route to success, as well as helping the person stick to their other treatment protocols.

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