Plastic Surgery Surgeons Will Make Sure That Your Nose's Shape Fits Your Face Following Rhinoplasty Surgery

Most people who undergo rhinoplasty surgery do so for improvement in their appearance. When appearance only is the problem, patients want their noses to be proportionately reduced to match their other facial features. Unfortunately as people age, their noses might appear to be deformed or larger. You can undergo rhinoplasty surgery for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Plastic surgery surgeons strive to make sure that your nose fits your face in the final analysis when rhinoplasty is performed.

Tip Of Your Nose Problem

The tip of your nose as you age may not be able to support your nose. That causes your nose to grow longer. So if you've been contemplating the possibility of undergoing a facelift for a long time now, it's a perfect time to have the facelift and rhinoplasty operations done at the same time. You'll be rid of your deformed nose, which will be replaced by your nose that now blends in with your other facial features. The face lift will present you with a most youthful appearance.

Prepping Before Surgery

You'll be given certain medications prior to surgery. The medications are given to promote healing and to lower the degree of swelling discoloration that could occur. So you'll be required to come to the clinic early on the morning of surgery for administration of the medicines. Surgery lasts for approximately one hour barring no complications. Once the surgery is completed, a small adhesive dressing and splint will be applied to your nose, and you'll be required to wear that dressing for approximately one week. Following surgery, you'll be discharged to a prearranged recovery site.

Other Post Surgical Things You Should Know

Do not remain in bed following the first 48 hours after surgery. You'll be told to lie in an elevated position when you're sleeping at home. That position decreases swelling and quickens healing. You may experience some mild swelling of your nose, but that will end within the next few weeks. Just don't panic when you experience swelling. It's just a temporary condition that will not affect successful outcome of your procedure. Swelling will go away when you least expect it to do so.

Upper Lip Movements

Always remember to not make frequent movements in the area of your upper lip. Rhinoplasty surgery is usually done in that area. While the bandage is in place, do not move around your upper lip excessively. Choose food to eat that is not hard for you to chew. Remember to drink enough water to avoid becoming dehydrated following your rhinoplasty surgery. Don't forget to resume using the same medications you used prior to surgery.

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