Benefits You Derive From Undergoing Scheduled Physical Exams

It is important for you to undergo physical exams. Time and time again, physicians are able to recognize early symptoms of possible life-threatening diseases. Some diseases, if addressed early, can be successfully treated. So you should undergo annual exams as scheduled. Some physical exams include annual laboratory work. Laboratory tests provide a wealth of information about how your body systems are working. You also get a chance to discuss any health care concerns that you may have when you undergo physical exams.

Do Not Delay A Scheduled Physical Exam

Never delay your physical exam appointment. This could lead to very serious complications. Take note that some deadly illnesses and diseases show no early symptoms or signs. Signs or symptoms of diseases are often identified via testing that's performed during physical exams. You do need to keep your physical exam appointments when you suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, which require you to take medications. Blood tests are involved in your specific physical exams, and you may need medical treatment changes.


Do not ever postpone your annual mammogram until a year later. If you unknowingly have breast cancer and it's left untreated for a year, breast cancer cells will metastasize throughout your body. If you are a sexually-active woman who is 21 years old, you must test for cervical cancer by undergoing a Pap smear screening. Find out how often you should screen thereafter for cervical cancer.

Must You Have An Annual Screening?

Some people may not need an annual screening, but that's a question to be answered by your physician who determines if you enjoy a healthy enough status that doesn't require you to undergo regular physical exams.

How Exercising Offers You A Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to getting regular physical exams, remember to watch your weight and use exercise to lose excess weight. You can lose weight by walking or running each day. Make it a habit to exercise 20 to 30 minutes every day. Exercising increases blood circulation in your body. Your primary care physician or a rehabilitation specialist can design an exercise program that fits your needs. Obesity heightens your high blood pressure problems, raises your diabetes A1C measurements, and increases your cholesterol levels as well. Did you know that working in your garden is a form of exercise that can help you to lose weight? 

The Elderly

You need an annual exam when you are 50 years old or older. You no doubt know that both sexes must undergo colonoscopy screening for colon cancer when you reach that age group. Normally you might not have to repeat the test until 10 years later. However, if other family members have a history of colon cancer or colon polyps that have been excised, you may need regular screenings more often. Your doctor will decide and advise you on such issues.

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