Helpful Tips For Transitioning Your Parent Into Receiving Home Care Services

Realizing your aging parent needs home care services beyond what you can provide is never an easy thing to grasp. You want to give them their independence but worry about their health and safety. Following a few tips will help to make the transition less difficult and will give you and your aging loved one peace of mind when beginning home care services.

Enlist help from the family

Even if other family members or siblings have not been actively involved in the care of a parent, including them in the decision-making process will help to foster healthy family relationships and avoid resentment from arising. It is best to schedule a family meeting first with your siblings and family to discuss concerns and the need for care. You should also plan to hold a second meeting with family members and the parent who will be receiving care.

Speak with professionals

Getting your parent's physicians involved is important, as they can help you define the level of care needed and determine if home care services are the right option for your loved one. You should also discuss any financial concerns or legal matters that may arise with an attorney. This is a good time to have the power of attorney paperwork drawn up and a living will be made if one does not already exist.

Get your parent onboard

Getting your parent involved will help them feel as if they are maintaining some of their independence. Some important decisions you can discuss with them is which tasks or activities of daily living they feel they struggle the most with and could use some assistance with. Allowing them to meet with home caregivers and choose a person they are comfortable interacting with will ease a lot of their anxiety regarding accepting care.

Ease into home care slowly

Begin by having the home caregiver visit one or two days a week for a few hours. This will help your parent adapt to the new routine while still maintaining a lot of independence. As time progresses, the caregiver can increase the number of days and degree of care provided as your parent becomes more comfortable with receiving help.

For many aging parents, the idea of accepting home care services can feel overwhelming or intimidating, especially if they desire to maintain their independence. Establishing an action plan with family members, professionals, and letting your parent be involved will make the transition easier. Taking it one step at a time will help you and your loved one feel at ease and make the best decisions when home care becomes necessary.

For more information about home care services, contact a local company.