4 Things A Urologist Can Do For A Men's Health Issues

There are many health issues that are specifically related to men, and because of this, you need to seek a specialist in the medical field. Often, it is a urologist that can give you the best advice and diagnosis of your problem. The following are a few things that a urologist can do for your health.

They can diagnose and treat prostate cancer

This has become more common among middle-aged men. The good news though is that with early detection, treatment for this type of cancer results in close to a 100 percent success rate. A urologist can determine whether it is probable that prostate cancer is the issue, then run tests to verify prostate cancer. Today, testing for prostate cancer is easily done and highly accurate.

They can diagnose and treat prostate growth issues

As a man gets older, his prostate can become enlarged. This can result in many problems, such as the inability to urinate properly. There are treatments available, so you need to see a urologist if you're having problems urinating.

They can treat erectile dysfunction

There are many clinics that claim to help men with erectile dysfunction, but the problem with these clinics is they just treat the obvious issue without a diagnosis of the underlying cause. This will affect the choice of treatment. You may have a health issue that is causing the problem, or it could be stress that you are under. One of the most common causes is simply getting older. Because a urologist is a medical doctor, they will be able to discover the root cause and treat the problem properly.

They can treat low testosterone

As a man gets older, his body begins to produce less testosterone. Although this is a hormone that can be found in both males and females, it is found in much larger quantities in men. As a man reaches middle age, his body begins to produce less of this hormone. A lack of testosterone can affect such things as bone health and glucose levels. Low levels of this hormone can affect a man's mental well-being, leading to depression. A urologist can test for testosterone levels to determine exactly how much you should supplement your body with.

Men's health is important but often neglected. There are many aspects of health that are exclusive to men. As a man gets older, these issues become more pronounced. A urologist can address many of these issues. They can screen for prostate cancer and also help with issues related to an enlarged prostate. They can also address problems with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. Even without any symptoms, once you reach middle age, it is a good idea to be checked by a urologist for any of these problems.