Top Cold And Flu Prevention At Your Local Vitamin Store

Do you want to avoid using over the counter pharmaceutical products to fight off colds and the flu? Do you feel that using natural items would be a better choice for you? Many adherents of alternative medicine use these products to stay healthy during the cold winter months:  Garlic Garlic has been in use for thousands of years as an herbal remedy. It has been used for many things, including the prevention of plague and gangrene.

Caring For Your Feet In Cold Weather: What You Should Know

Winter weather can be harsh and unyielding. It wreaks havoc on your body causing anything from dry skin to hives, and many other uncomfortable ailments. One aspect of your health that you may not have considered with regard to the winter weather is your feet. Cold weather doesn't just affect your face, neck, and other skin that is directly exposed to the cold air, but also every other aspect of your body.

3D Printing: Changing The Medical Field Forever

Thanks to recent advancements in 3D printing, it is now possible for you to print everything from a pair of high-heeled shoes to a working firearm right in the comfort of your own home. However, while the day-to-day uses for these printers are nothing short of amazing, the most breathtaking uses for this technology can be found in the medical community. This is because 3D printing companies are not only allowing doctors to change people's lives, they are also allowing them to save people's lives.

Preventing Swimmer's Shoulder

Swimming is a wonderful activity. You have the opportunity to exercise your body, while also enjoying the naturally relaxing element that being in the water affords. After long periods in the water, mild shoulder discomfort is not uncommon due to repetitive shoulder movement while stroking. However, when this pain becomes more intense, debilitating or more consistent, it might be time to consider the idea of swimmer's shoulder. Swimmer's Shoulder Swimmer's shoulder, also known as shoulder impingement syndrome, is a condition that effects your musculoskeletal system, specifically the anterior lateral portion of your shoulder.

Speaking With Your Doctor About A Mental Health Concern

It's estimated that as many as one in every five Americans will suffer from a mental illness. For many in this population, their mental health concerns go unaddressed because they are too ashamed to speak up. Many people find it difficult to share their concerns with family and friends, but also their primary physician. While somewhat of an uncomfortable subject, your primary physician will play a pivotal role in getting you the treatment you need: