Preventing Eye Infections: What You Can Do

Eye infections can spread from one person to the next, and they don't just affect preschoolers. They can affect older children and adults as well. Eye infections can be pink eye, or some other form of bacterial infection. If you have an eye infection, they can be a pain. They can itch or burn and can be red, sore, and possibly oozing — not exactly what you want everyone to see at school or at work.

Beyond Chemo: How Is Skin Cancer Treated?

When you think of cancer treatments, chemotherapy is often the first thing that comes to mind. However, if you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, there is a good chance you won't actually need chemo. When skin cancer is caught early, it is often treatable simply by removing the cancerous lesion and then sometimes administering radiation treatment to the surrounding skin. That being said, cancer treatments vary widely based on the location of the cancer, the cells affected, and the cancer's severity.

3 Tips For Making The Most Of Weight Loss Shakes

Weight loss shakes can be a good way to reduce your calorie intake and kick-start your weight loss. How effective shakes are will depend on the way you use them and the ones you choose. There are several strategies to optimize your success with shakes. Think Short Term Shakes are rarely meant to help you lose a tremendous amount of weight or to supplement your meals indefinitely. When you start using weight loss shakes, think about incorporating them for a month.

A First-Timers Guide To Using Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has been extensively studied, and there is good reasons to believe that it can provide medical benefits for a number of different conditions. If you have a health condition that may benefit from the use of medical marijuana, you can talk to a certified health care provider so you can get a medical marijuana recommendation which will allow you to obtain your medical marijuana card. After you receive a medical marijuana card from your state, you will be able to legally purchase medical marijuana products.

The Green Card Medical Examination: What To Expect When It's Your Turn

You can't get a United States "green card" (which grants lawful permanent residence status) without going through an immigration medical examination. While it's an important part of the immigration process for green card applicants, the exam doesn't have to be a significant source of anxiety if you know what to expect. Here's what you should know about the process: 1. You need to find an authorized physician. You cannot simply go to your regular doctor for this exam.